31 Juli 2010

My Journal , Alhamdulillah kelar :)

Hi Mom, how are you? I hope, you're fine

Mom, I want to tell you about my last week. On this week, I've done 3 daily test. They're Physic, Biology and Japanese . Wednesday for Physic, Friday for Biology and Saturday for Japanese. I have studied hardly in order to get good score. When I do the Physic test, I found some difficulty, although I've learned the night before. I think I'm nervous. Hehe. When I do the Biology and Japanese test, I can finished it easily. I didn't get a perfect score, but I'm proud because it was the result of my own efforts. I hope, in the next daily test, I can be better than now.

Oke Mom, see you on the next journal ..

*maaf kalo masih agak ngaco grammarnya haha :D

2 komentar:

  1. segini doang han jurnal'a ?
    dikittt amatttt ..
    emang boleh ?

  2. haha stp by step dong :) bulan ini dikit, bulan besok nambah 2 kata , bulan besok nambah 3 kata


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